Fishing at the Lac des Estives

Located in the Cantal, the Lac des Estives welcome all year round fly fishermen in love with nature.
This mountain lake of 3 hectares and 7 m deep is located at 1220 m above the sea level in a quiet and protected environment. The lake is fed by 1st category sources. It has a large population of rainbow trouts, farios, some fountain salmons ( between 1 and 3 kg ).

You can fish on the banks where you have space enough to whip and reach trouts ( 90% of its banks are accessible ). You can also fish in a small boat.

Hooks should be simple, tip-hooks must be crushed, and to protect the ecosystem you should not get in the water.

If you want to come with your family, friends or with a club, we have accommodations near the lake.